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Hair Removal

High Quality, Non-Polymer
Premium Soft & Hard Wax Services
*Multiple wax sessions are available upon request during inquiry. Simply check all that apply.
Are you new to waxing?
Do you have questions regarding the type of products used? 
Or maybe you simply don't know if you're a good candidate for waxing...
These are questions you want answered before committing to an appointment.
Look no further and click below for FAQs that are provided to help you answer any questions you may have regarding your waxing experience.

Brazilian                      $75

Removal of all hair along the bikini line, pubic mound, labia, and inner backside.


Extended Bikini         $65

Removal of all hair along your most conservative panty line, labia, and inner backside. Pubic mound NOT included.


Bikini                           $50

Hair along your most conservative panty line. Hair is NOT removed from your pubic mound labia, or inner backside. 


Underarm                    $35

Removal of all hair under the arm.

Plan ahead and save money!
Laura Melissa Wax Membership program is for serious waxers who want the best results all the time.
When it comes to waxing well, consistency is key. With regular visits, your hair will grow back thinner and finer, which means better results and less discomfort.  
Joining is easy, book ahead and schedule your appointments 4 weeks out or less…that’s it! 
*Must keep appointments within 4 week (28 day) time frame. No exceptions.*
Pre-booking your visits help you stick to your routine, ensuring that you’ll always get the time slot you prefer and the service you need. 
These discounted prices are 
available upon request.


Lip                               $15

Upper and lower lip included.


Chin                            $20


Sideburns                   $20


Eyebrows                    $25

Wax, tweeze, trim.

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